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Project Description
Open Source PDF Document Storage Solution

PDFKeeper is free, open source software designed for capturing, uploading, and searching PDF documents in a client-server or single system environment using the free, Oracle Database Express Edition (Oracle Database XE), an entry-level database based on the Oracle Database code base that is easy to install and administer. With Oracle Database XE, you can deploy PDFKeeper with a powerful, proven, industry-leading infrastructure, and then upgrade when necessary to a higher edition based on your business needs and budget.

  • PDF Documents are captured for PDF Information Properties editing and are uploaded to the database where they can be searched by Title, Author, Subject, Keywords, date and time added to the database, and any text within the document.
  • Automated uploading of PDF documents to the database can be setup using preconfigured folders, each with its own PDF Information Properties values.
  • Document Preview and Text-Only View features are included for stepping through each PDF document returned from a search, viewing the first page of the PDF or just the text without opening the actual PDF document.
  • Document Notes can be added to database records, including Date and Time stamp with database user account name. All Document Notes are indexed by the database, making the text searchable.

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